Getting Involved and working in NixOS

Hey all,

I’m still quite new to Nix and NixOS, but I was wondering how one could get involved in contributing, especially as someone who’s still learning.

I was also curious to hear people’s experience with NixOS jobs - what it entails, any pros/cons, any advice for some switching to that career (I imagine more devops) particularly from an academic/health data science background.

Would appreciate any insight into either of the two topics!

Thank you


For contributing, you should start by reading the document.

Then you can focus on whatever pains you or interests you. For example, if you are missing some software in Nixpkgs, you can package it and open a pull request. Or you can try updating a package for a program that you use that is out of date.

Alternately, you can look on the issue tracker if anything catches your eye. 3.skill: good-first-bug or 9.needs: package (update) labels might be good entry points.

For the jobs side, you might be better off starting a separate thread.


Thank you for the response! I’ll definitely have a look through these and I’ll post a separate thread to the Jobs area. Appreciate the help

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