Getting rid of "source" as default pname of fetchFromGitHub

Many, many people have ran into this frustrating issue around “I updated the version, why does it say the old version when I run the application” when using FODs. I targeted the most popular fetch first, fetchFromGitHub.

Anyway, if anyone has any strong objections, please let me know. I’m trying my hardest to get this pushed through since there’s a lot of inflight changes, and I don’t want to deal with massive amounts of conflicts.


hmmm, if you talking about nixpkgs, could catching these mistakes be done in a CI job?

When i first started with nix, i came across this problem with FOD’s. There were no warnings to help me, nix just did it’s thing. So i can understand its is annoying. It really stumped me, until i kind soul helped me out on IRC.

I’m not sure you could even warn via nix-build or ‘nix build’ because it has no concept of any previous .drv files. Maybe it could look for previous .drv files for the derivation , and compare if source has been changed, but the sha256 has is the same, and print a rather big warning… in red. in CAPS, and with lots of ****** around it :slight_smile:

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I really like this!

Especially as this might also shed some light on all those *-source folders in the store that I am not sure where or why they come from, but also don’t get collected on a GC.

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