Getting xss-lock service to start on wayland?

I am running hyprland on NixOS. I am using xss-lock and swaylock as my screen-locker duo. This worked well for me in the past on X, and I don’t see a better wayland alternative at the moment. Hopefully this is a good way to go.

I have configured the xss-lock using the home-manager module.

Everything is working great, even locking on suspend/hibernate, except that on boot up, my xss-lock systemd service fails (I think because it relies on xwayland, and xwayland must not be up when it tries to start).

Is there a way to modify the services.screen-locker home-manager config to get it to successfully start on boot? Perhaps using services.screen-locker.xss-lock.extraOptions?

Or, is there a better waylandly way of doing this?