Github action to update flake.nix?

I am looking for something similar to GitHub - knl/niv-updater-action: A GitHub Action that creates meaningful pull requests with updates to your niv-managed dependencies, so you don't have to do menial chores.
but for flake.nix to keep the growing number of nix flakes up-to-date.
Has someone already code for this?

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Would be great if someone contributed to dependabot to know about flakes.

Is this even possible? Maybe using this project: GitHub - dependabot/dependabot-script: A simple script that demonstrates how to use Dependabot Core

It seems like it used to be possible to contribute support for additional languages, but that doesn’t seem to be the case anymore (or I just can’t find it).

According to dependabots contribution guidelines they are not accepting new ecosystems either right now.