Github action to update flake.nix?

I am looking for something similar to
but for flake.nix to keep the growing number of nix flakes up-to-date.
Has someone already code for this?


Would be great if someone contributed to dependabot to know about flakes.

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Is this even possible? Maybe using this project:

It seems like it used to be possible to contribute support for additional languages, but that doesn’t seem to be the case anymore (or I just can’t find it).

According to dependabots contribution guidelines they are not accepting new ecosystems either right now.

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@Mic92 Did you ever find anything for this?

I have a personal one here, if you’re looking: nixos-hosts/update.yml at e1e9ab7ca211cc6f6958b5275ae131c5dd6ececc · TLATER/nixos-hosts · GitHub

In good ol’ nix user ways a bit overengineered, of course, the signing can probably be ignored if you’re not interested in that :slight_smile:

I use this dotfiles/upgrade-flakes.yml at 9c2fc2cc98021dd8d42bbb714278785a9a6757c2 · Mic92/dotfiles · GitHub

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There is also renovate, which does seem to accept new ecosystems as contribution. Would be nice to add Nix flakes and niv.

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Is it really an good idea to run such an auto updater? I’d very much prefer a flake.lock which was actually used by the maintainer such that I can be sure that the flake will work with that particular lockfile. If I wanted to use an more recent nixpkgs I can always just use —override-input or in the case of modules/overlays the systems nixpkgs version is used anyway.

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The purpose isn’t to hide it entirely from the maintainer, it just does the tedious bits and lets you review a pull request instead of having to pull out a shell.

It’s a tiny difference, but the fact that it is run regularly and throws notifications at me gets me to actually review and update, rather than letting it lie unmaintained for irregular periods.

Ideally unit tests prevent the scenario you’re considering anyway, and it makes little sense to have this kind of workflow with no testing.

I personally want to combine it with nix-diff in the future, to list exact package version changes in the commit message - this gives more semantic info than traditional flake.lock files can even give :slight_smile:


There is GitHub - DeterminateSystems/update-flake-lock: Automatically refresh your Nix Flakes. now.


Niv support issue for Renovate

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