GitHub hook for auto-deploys?

Does anybody have a NixOS module for a GitHub hook? I’d like to automatically update my website when I push to master.

I’m presuming the safest way is host some URL that github calls when master is updated, and then do a git fetch + reset + possibly reload some service? Or are there better ways?

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Did you find a solution for this? I’d like to do something similar, and am uncomfortable giving github blanket ssh root access.

An alternative to a NixOS module for receiving webhook calls might be a NixOS module that sets up a restricted user that’s only allowed to call a deploy script.

An advantage to deploying via ssh from a Github action is that deployment failures and output shows up in the Github UI.

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Good point, I wrote this before GH Actions were available :slight_smile:

So indeed good idea, nowadays I would put an SSH key on github that can only run a deploy script, and it would show up in the action log.