GLIBC and nix-shell

Currently, I’m working with cypress (JS testing framework), and for that I build a nix-shell using this article:

I use buildFHSUserEnv, because cypress not working with mkShell. Cypress works great, but for all other commands, I receive this:

clear: /usr/lib/ version GLIBC_2.34 not found (required for clear)

I can’t execute pretty much any command/tool including “clear”. Any ideas?

You’ll want to use LD_PRELOAD and point it to glibc 2.34+.

What’s the underlying issue?

An older version of glibc is being loaded first, which brings in older glibc symbols. Then some other tool is linked against a newer version of glibc, and tries to ensure that a compatible glibc is being used. Glibc is only backwards compatible, not forwards.

I want to execute for example emacs in my nix-shell, but I can’t.
I saw a potential solution for this issue, which is to add steam-run to nix-shell, but I see the same error.