GNOME 4.0 on i686 Samsung NP10. What logs do you need?

Hi all,

I tried to run and update NixOS 21.05 on my Samsung netbook NP10. Works great! Until I try to compile GNOME 4.0. It stopped compiling.
My first question is what should I bring to the discussion before I ask for the solution?

Mats Tage Axelsson

Does the 32bit nixpkgs not have gnome 40?

Are you attempting to build it on the device, or somewhere else?

I would have a guess that you’re just running out of RAM if you’re building it on that device.

maybe try: Nix command/log - NixOS Wiki to get build logs.

I’m also somewhat surprised you have the patience to use such a device, those atom processors were slower than the Pentium 4’s that came out 4 years earlier, and an Raspberry Pi 4, would run circles around today.

I would highly recommend you cut your losses and upgrade to a “modern” laptop like a Thinkpad x220 for $200 :wink:

Edit: Oh and one thing too, is that it’s gnome 40, not gnome 4.0, are you sure you’re installing the correct package?

your config should have this line: desktopManager.gnome.enable = true;

Thanks for the tips!

I started it as a personal challenge…
The machine works fine for simple web browsing.

A RaspberryPi 4 sounds exciting, Pine64 …? I have been Eyeing the Pinebook Pro!

Mats Tage Axelsson,