Gnome Tracker broken

All tracker3 commands seem to be completely broken. tracker3 daemon shows

usage: tracker3 [--version] [--help]
                <command> [<args>]

Available tracker3 commands are:
   help       Get help on how to use Tracker and any of these commands
   endpoint   Create a SPARQL endpoint
   export     Export data from a Tracker database
   import     Import data into a Tracker database
   sparql     Query and update the index using SPARQL or search, list and tree the ontology
   sql        Query the database at the lowest level using SQL

Additional / third party commands are:

See “tracker3 help <command>” to read about a specific subcommand.

instead of the expected status of current miners.

tracker3 index music also shows the same “usage” output.

I’m currently using Tracker 3.2.1, but I’ve had the same issue for multiple versions now.

I’ve tried getting help from the Gnome IRC channel but this seems to be nixos-related. I’m also having the exact same issue on my desktop, using a pretty much identical configuration.

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For the record, the OP also opened an issue and it was fixed by