Gnome Tweaks keyboard settings are reset after opening Keyboard Settings

I have configured Gnome to consider my Caps Lock only as a 3rd level modifier, ie. it acts like Alt Gr., with Gnome Tweaks. However, every time I open Gnome Settings, and go in the Keyboard section, it instantly resets that configuration, even if I don’t touch change anything inside the Keyboard section.

How can I prevent it from doing this?

That is weird, both tweaks and g-c-cjust utilize GSettings. Do you see anything when you run gnome-tweaks or gnome-control-center in a terminal and try to fiddle with the relevant settings? Or in the system journal?

Actually, this appears to be an upstream bug. It should be fixed by keyboard: Create CcXkbModifierDialog only when used (!994) · Merge requests · GNOME / Settings · GitLab (to be included in the upcoming GNOME 41 release).

So, essentially, there is nothing to do more than wait for the next version?

You could backporting the patch, either to your system or to Nixpkgs.

It’s not that urgent, since I know how to avoid to trigger the bug, and also since it’s really only a nuisance, I’ll wait.