Gnome without xserver?

Noob question here.

I see in the Gnome/GDM docs for Nixos that it says you should have xserver enabled, but I’m confused that by default Gnome uses Wayland/Mutter

Is it possible to have Gnome/GDM working without xserver? Am I missing something here?

GDM is still on Xorg by default as far as I know anyway. Apparently not, but as you see, the paradoxical name services.xserver...wayland may hint at the historical nature of these options.

That said, if you’re talking about some sub-options of services.xserver, that is not actually enabling xorg necessarily. That particular name is historical, because it used to be that all graphics were under xorg, so the overarching option was named services.xserver. Setting your graphics driver for example is done under it, but doesn’t necessarily mean you are using an xserver.

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