Google Summer of Code 2020

Last year we didn’t apply since we need an co-administator.

Are there students and mentors interested?


I’m interested in mentoring.

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Is there any todo list for what we currently have and haven’t?

I’m not sure if I’m eligible for admin, but I have participated in haskell summer of code, and the last 2 gsoc as mentor and student. This year I can’t apply for student Gsoc, so maybe I can help with Nix/Nixpkgs/NixOS participation in Gsoc this year.

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There was for 2018 submission.

I notice that repo. I’ll take a look at it tomorrow (utc+7 here).

Interested as a student. Missed last year’s registration by less than a month due to the age restriction.

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Ideas for projects I’d be willing to mentor:

nixpkgs-update as end-user tool

Languages: Nix, Haskell

Parts of nixpkgs-update are useful for people making simple pull requests. The part that updates the version #, is better than nix-prefetch-url -A because it works with all fetcher types, and the a modified version of the PR report would be useful to help people produce PRs with a minimum quality floor. This project would involve adapting Haskell code to make parts of nixpkgs-update accessible as commandline arguments, and work on making nixpkgs-update setup more seamless. A successful project would mean a number of nixpkgs contributors are using nixpkgs-update when making one-off PRs.

outpath cache

Languages: Nix, (maybe other of student’s choice)

OfBorg and nixpkgs-update rely on a tool that calculates the output directories for every derivation in the top level of nixpkgs. The tool is run before and after a change to detect how many packages will be affected by the change and is slow. This project would be to research how to cache information about what derivations affect other derivations, or statically determine it in a faster way than calculating the outpath of every derivation. A successful project would speed up OfBorg and nixpkgs-update significantly.

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