Group to allow managing cups/printers?

Hi there,

I’m using NixOS for client PCs in our company. How can I enable users to manage printers via cups web interface or system-config-printers etc.?

I don’t find any docs on this in wiki or manual.

users.users.employee1.extraGroups = [ "lpadmin" ]; seem to have no effect, the group still doesn’t exist in /etc/group. The wheel group gives them too many rights.

Specifically, I’m having problems with the HP ENVY 6000 printer which is regularly disabled by cups after some errors and it needs to be re-enabled via the user interface.

I found the SystemGroup setting in cups-files.conf(5).

With the following config, testuser can now manage printers via http://localhost:631 (cups web interface).

  services.printing.extraFilesConf = ''
    SystemGroup root wheel lpadmin
  users.groups = {
    lpadmin = { };
  users.users.testuser = {
    isNormalUser = true;
    extraGroups = [ "lpadmin" ];

system-config-printer seems to be a totally different story.