Grub - Efi default loader

I just rebuilt my system. I’m using the grub as a boot loader. Unfortunately I always get a different view when booting. There I have to select “Efi default loader” first, then I get the default view of the grub, which I would like to have.

How can I jump directly to the “Efi default loader” view at startup?

My configuration.nix settings:

boot.loader.systemd-boot.enable = true;
  #boot.loader.efi.canTouchEfiVariables = true;
  #grub boot.loader.efi.efiSysMountPoint = "/boot/efi
  boot.loader.grub.useOSProber = true;
  #boot.loader.grub.forceInstall = false; # RISKY!

  boot.loader.grub.enable = true;
  boot.loader.grub.copyKernels = true;
  boot.loader.grub.efiInstallAsRemovable = true;
  boot.loader.grub.efiSupport = true;
  boot.loader.grub.fsIdentifier = "label";
  #boot.loader.grub.splashImage = ./backgrounds/grub-nixos-3.png
  boot.loader.grub.splashMode = "stretch";

  boot.loader.grub.devices = [ "nodev" ]

Thx very much