Hacktoberfest 2019

Hey Nix community!

Are you participating in Hacktoberfest this year?
That’s a great way to attract new contributors and help them with their first PR!
Let’s show how awesome Nix(OS) is!

Happy coding! :slight_smile:


Hacktoberfest only goes a blacklist route for the repositories, so NixOS repositories should all be included by default unless they were blacklisted.

Yes! I haven’t worked on nixos for a while but I use it at home. I submitted 2 PRs so far for nixpkgs and the results show on the website. Does anyone have plans to work on something? I want to update the notion window manager and maybe jmeter or other java tools. I think nix would be a great alternative to sdkman but maybe the different versions should be in a nur repo.

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Where can I find appropriate issues?

I tried to search on GitHub with this query but nothing turned up:


Where can I find appropriate issues?

Depends what you mean by appropriate! If you’re looking for a gentle
way to get started, there are often some “needs: package (new)” or
“needs: package (update)” issues that are nice and straightforward (not
all of them, though).

Alternatively, you don’t need to work from issues. Are there any
packages you use that are out of date? Any packages we don’t have but
you’d like to see?

Ah, thanks! Where do I find these issues? In the nixpkgs issue tracker?

You can filter the issues by their “Labels”. As for packages needing updates, to get the a broad overview of what’s outdated you can check repology, which is also used for semi-automatic updates in nixpkgs.

Thanks. I did find some "needs: package (update) issues here:


Seems like discourse mangles the link. The name of the label is 9.needs: package (update).