Has anyone gotten openconnect working?

I’ve been trying to get openconnect to work with my vpn, but I haven’t had any luck. On ubuntu it’s as simple as openconnect <vpn address> and it works fine. It doesn’t seem to work on nixos though. Has anyone gotten openconnect working?

works for me… I use the --protocol=nc however so maybe its a protocol issue, or you need to specify?

It should also be as simple as running opconnect <vpn-address>. I have used it for long time. What’s the output on your device?

I figured this out. I’m using networkmanager, but I never setup the vpn through networkmanager, because the CA certificate stuff confused me. As such, I’ve been using openconnect through the command line. Anyways, I finally figured out I could just ignore the CA cert stuff and got a vpn connection working through networkmanager. Worked instantly :partying_face: