Help to package Polyscope? (derivation mostly complete)

Polyscope is a C++/Python viewer and user interface. I want to package it for Nixpkgs. I’ve mostly done this work on my fork of Nixpkgs here

You can try to build my attempts with:

  • nix build github:matthewcroughan/nixpkgs/mc/polyscope#polyscope-py
  • nix build github:matthewcroughan/nixpkgs/mc/polyscope#polyscope

If you want to inspect the artifacts you should add --keep-failed and search the directory it returns in /tmp

polyscope-py doesn’t have an installPhase yet, and I’m not sure what the installable components are. After compiling, it seems to produce these .a files which should be possible to import in Python?

❯ find /tmp/nix-build-polyscope-py-1.3.0.drv-0/polyscope-py/ -name '*.a'

As for polyscope, I am quite unsure how to compile this, or what the installable result would be, or how we can compose all of this to package the polyscope GUI in its entirety.

Any suggestions?

I’ve also made a packaging request here packaging request: polyscope · Issue #210521 · NixOS/nixpkgs · GitHub