Help Wanted: Packaging Linux Kernel with Rust Support

With Rust coming maybe to Linux 5.20, I’m eager to have 0-day support in Nixpkgs. :slight_smile: We are writing Linux kernel modules at work and package them with Nix. I would love to switch to Rust as soon as possible.

I managed to do a quick’n’dirty PoC here. You can build it with nix-build -A pkgs.linux_rust.

I would appreciate, if someone with a better understanding of how to fit this neatly into the existing derivations, would lend a hand. At this point some basic advise on how everything should be structured would already be helpful.

What needs to happen is roughly this:

  • Package a Linux kernel compatible version of bindgen (0.56)
  • Make rustc, bindgen and the Rust source available at Linux config file and build time (but only for kernels with CONFIG_RUST enabled)
  • Find a way to disable incomaptible Linux config options (e.g. DEBUG_INFO_BTF).

I’ll also try to package the example out-of-tree module, because it could be a good template for anyone that needs to package other Rust kernel modules.

If someone wants to chat, I’m in the Matrix room.

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