Hercules as a replacement for Hydra

Does anyone know if GitHub - hercules-ci/legacy-old-hercules: Abandoned is still active? Would anyone else be interested in working on it? There’s a lot to get frustrated about with the implementation of Hydra so it would be nice if Hercules could be used instead. I was thinking of helping out but there is no point if its dead and if nobody is interested in it.

I haven’t heard anything specifically negative about it, but it looks like it isn’t finished. @domenkozar might have more information.

I think if you believe in a project and want to help it, there is definitely a point to it. You might be the one that pushes the projects you are interested in over some tipping point.

I’ve briefly posted a status update on Hercules 1.0 · Issue #5 · hercules-ci/legacy-old-hercules · GitHub

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