Home-manager activation scripts log?

Where can I find the home-manager activation log where my scripts run?
I have outputs to stdout in these scripts but they do not show up inside

journalctl -u home-manager-nixos.service
home.activation.install-nvim = hm.dag.entryAfter ["installPackages"] ''
      ${builtin.toPath ./scripts/setup-nvim.sh}

Where can I find the output? Also I found out that I cannot git clone over the internet because network is disabled…
So I need to make derivations with builtins.fetchGit ... first to use that as the source to git clone in the script where I download astrovim etc… RIght?

I dont know about the log but yes you need to use some fetch function. I suggest using pkgs.fetchFromGitHub instead of builtins.fetchGit

it’s builtins with s letter at the end (unless you have defined builtin yourself)

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