Home-manager configured emacs not configuring autoloads

I’ve recently attempted to update my nix-home config, which has config for emacs – originally ported from @rycee’s own config (thanks again rycee!)

I’m seeing some treemacs and lsp loading issues that I’m not sure how to fix as yet.

I can see from this treemacs issue that adding a specific autoload allows certain functions to work.

I’ve confirmed that this fixes some issues for me also but would prefer for the autoloads to occur automatically as intended to keep things cleaner and easier to maintain.

This is a recent version of my config. I’ve got updates WIP locally as I’m trying to resolve issues… but hopefully is enough context to discuss why autoloads from use-package may not be loading as expected.

Any help appreciated. Thanks!

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So there was a bug in nixpkgs and a work-around here.