How can I cross-compile NixOS to a TV-Box?

Hello, Nixers!

I am with a spare TV-Box MXQ Pro 4k here at home. It comes with an old version of Android 7.0, with some stuff bundled (Youtube, file manager etc.).

Also, I successfully ran EmuELEC on it, via dd-flashing an SD card plus toothpick rebooting.

What I need to know and to do in order to build an SD Card with NixOS for it?

I plan to document all the process, from the cross-compilation toolchain to a bootable image containing some basic stuff like a web browser and a video player… and an Emacs!

I wonder if it’s possible to run Plasma Bigscreen on it…

I would look at NixOS Mobile which already has a lot of the code to generate firmware for ARM devices.

Many thanks! I will look at it in my spare time!