How can I custom build Emacs with Qt5

According to Example 22.5. Custom Emacs build in NixOS manual. I can (and also successfully) build custom Emacs with GTK3 without GTK2.

But I’m curious that can I build Emacs with Qt5?

I’ve try with “withQt5”, “withQT5”, “withqt5” but all are not work.

Or it cannot be build with qt?

The current expression doesn’t support qt5. What’s the end goal with building with qt5?

Also, cc @worldofpeace

Emacs doesn’t have a Qt5 version. But it’s fine to use the GTK3 version with Plasma / KDE environment.

Thank you very much.

It would be useful to the forum users to mark @matthewbauer response as a solution, more details.

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