How can I get the latest version of GRUB

In 23.11 stable the latest GRUB is a Release Candidate, while the one in unstable is the release of GRUB;)

How can I get the release of GRUB in 23.11?:wink:

you might try and create an overlay with the unstable nixpkgs and override the grub derivation this way.

I know how to do an overlay of normal packages, but not with grub;)

Yes, now that you mention it, I am not sure myself how to override the package for grub specifically if you just enable it with boot.loader.grub.enable. That is interesting! Let’s see if anyone else has any better ideas.

Seems noone stepping up;)

It’d be a little early to try to run 24.05;)

I’m a little stuck here;). Seems I can’t downgrade GRUB and I can’t upgrade GRUB.

How about changing to another boot loader. Is that possible?

It worked to install GRUB-2.06, yes, thank you;)

, but it didn’t work for me to boot, surprisingly.

I had to use a Super Grub USB to load my NixOS, cause I got the same error. This is even weirder now, but I found some reference on the information superhighway that 2.06 was just as bad regarding this problem. You think I can go further back with Grub?:wink:

Can I go further back in time?

at /mnt/b53d6116-b84e-4cbb-a7d0-cc1cfb3089d9/ds/platform/conf/etc.nixos.configuration.quasar.nix:323:16:

          322|     (final: prev: {
          323|        grub2 = (import ./hydra.specific.nix {}).grub2."2.04";
             |                ^
          324|     })
       Did you mean 2.06?

I don’t see why not - just be careful with the module vs package dichotomy → it just so happened that GRUB 2.06 and 2.12 are ABI compatible and replacing binary works, however it could be the case that there’s something in the module that doesn’t work with an earlier package and you’d have to:

  • disable the boot module via disabledModules
  • import an older module with imports
  • hope that the module itself isn’t interlocked with some other modules

Btw this is something I was prepared to do, but since just replacing the GRUB package did it for me I ended up not doing, so cannot provide any further guidance besides the aforementioned theoretical outline