How can I launch an Xorg server on another tty?

I found this command, which lets me launch an Xorg on tty8

sudo systemd-run     --property PAMName=login     --property User="$user"     --property StandardInput=tty     --property TTYPath=/dev/tty8     sh -c 'chvt 9 && exec startx > /tmp/xorg_output.log 2>&1'

I issues this command over ssh, while lightdm is displayed on the screen, meaning I have not logged in.

Trying to interact with the Xorg on tty8 is not possible, as my keyboard and mouse are totally frozen.

If I chvt 7, then the mouse and keyboard are working again;)

I’m a bit confused about how I can troubleshoot this;) Any pointers?

Nobody have any clue?:wink: