How Do I Actually Configure element-web?

I would like to setup an instance of element-web with a custom config.json. The derivation in nixpkgs accepts a conf argument, which is exactly what I want to provide. In all-packages.nix the conf parameter is provided by config.element-web.conf. So I thought I could just add element-web.conf = { ... }; to my system config, but that doesn’t work because this option doesn’t even exist. What is the best way to get a element-web derivation with a custom conf argument? Do I actually have to use callPackage on the module myself?

I think you can just let conf = { foo = bar; }; in element-web.override { inherit conf; } – you don’t have to use callPackage.

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Oh right! I think I always misunderstood how override works. Thanks!
That line with config.element-web.conf in all-packages.nix still seems strange to me though, that distracted me.