How do I build nix from source

I followed this but I get errors. What exactly do I need to install. I am trying to do this in an arch linux container. maybe someone could give me a list of packages that I need to install for me to build nix from source.

What errors did you get?

If you have Nix already, I find the Hacking chapter pretty easy to follow along

The hacking chapter essentially assumes you have Nix already. @dnkmmr69420 if you have fixes for the steps, please open PRs to those instructions with solutions. Maintainers clearly won’t have time to improve them without external help.

I moved this to the development category so we can keep an eye on it.

oh I didn’t know that nix had to already be installed. thank you for telling me that.

Not for the source build, only the regular developer guide. AFAIK those source build instructions are intended for a vanilla system, as in the old days.

I built Nix from source on Ubuntu using Ubuntu’s compilers/libraries/etc. rather than with prebuilt nix binaries. It required installing a bunch of stuff with apt, and I don’t remember the list, but it does work. And I was even able to bootstrap all of nixos from source using that nix build.

What errors did you get?

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