How to address "wrapQtAppsHook is not used, and dontWrapQtApps is not set." in mach-nix

I have opened an issue in mach-nix here also.

From Qt - NixOS Wiki (and the actual error message) it looks like something needs to be done with wrapQtAppsHook and/or dontWrapQtApps but I’m not sure what … or how!

Any thoughts or guidance appreciated!

I resolved the issue by modifying mach-nix generated file python.nix as follows

with (import ./inputs.nix);
mach-nix.mkPython {
  requirements = builtins.readFile ./requirements.txt;
  _.pyqt5.buildInputs.add = [ pkgs.qt5.qtbase ];   # Added this line
  _.pyqt5.nativeBuildInputs.add = [ pkgs.qt5.wrapQtAppsHook ];  # Added this line