How to bounty/pay for a nixos fix as an individual?


I have a pet bug that has plagued me for too long. I think it is only encountered by a minority of users due to circumstances. (Intentionally not linking because I don’t want this to be spam that just brings more attention to my current issue.)

I don’t have the time or expertise to debug the components at play (networkd, iwd, udev). But I really, really, really want this fixed. For me, and for other potential new users.

As an individual who has yet to win the lottery, is there an avenue for me to healthily/respectfully bounty things? I’m not even sure how a bounty would work, I’d hate for someone to dive into it, spend time and have no compensation for it.

Are any of the Nix consulting outfits appropriate for something like this?


Are any of the Nix consulting outfits appropriate for something like this?

I guess that might depend on a) complexity of the bug and b) budget. Judging from your profile you might actually know that better than me or many others :sweat_smile:

That being said, maybe some people just know how to fix it by chance?

Quick thoughts:

  1. I am rather unaware of how consulting works, at any scale, on either side. To say nothing of expectations around pricing.
  2. I have no doubt someone could fix it. But it’s been an open (niche) issue for years, I have a separate issue + Discourse thread about it. (I don’t wish to use this thread to try to beg for more unpaid help.)

To me, this indicates the issue is too niche/esoteric. Especially when most major issues I file on nixpkgs are fixed within weeks.

The more I think about this, the more I find the idea of a bounty just … not right. Especially for something so nebulous. I would not feel good knowing a number of people spent their time on it, only to dead-end, or be beat to the punch. :confused:

Anyway, I think I’m going to just set aside some time to dig in more myself, and at least contribute to making the Issue better. Maybe along the way some insights pop out.