How to call a binary package flake into another flake

Hello, yesterday i posted that i have been trying to call a package i packaged, and i got it to work thanks to you. Now i have transformed that package into a Flake because I want to call it from another flake trying to make it work in an specific directory via nix-direnv.
The package is this:

And this is the flake i want to call it into:

I’m really liking nix and nixos and want to learn more. If im doing anything wrong please tell me. Thank you, everyone!

You defined a packages.x86_64-linux.golings output in your first flake, and added your first flake as an input to your second flake. So, simply use golings.packages.x86_64-linux.golings in the second one (most likely you want to put it inside the packages array in your shell definition).

Ok i tried what you did, and now it works, i also had to change the path to make it point to a directory, not to the flake itself, Thank you so much!

I have another question. Because when i build the package flake, and use the bin from inside the result symlink directory it works well, but then when i call the flake from another flake the package doesnt work, and i dont really understand why, shouldnt it work too??

Does it show any errors if you run it from the terminal?

Ok i just got it to work, i just had to update the flake inputs, i thought i had already done it but nope, thank you!