How to choose between similar packages (for the Julia programming language)?

I would like to install Julia, but I am confused about the available packages (julia, julia-stable, julia-bin, julia-stable-bin).

Is there any place where I could find information on the reasoning behind the packaging?

There is some information of the wiki.

Thanks, that answers my question.

Yeah, this is kind of confusing! Sorry about that… To explain a little bit:

  • -stable packages are for Julia LTS versions, which are very old at this point. I believe 1.0-ish. You probably want something more recent.
  • -bin packages are not built from source directly, but are instead built off of the official binaries released by Julia. Building Julia from source has proven to be quite a nightmare, so the -bin packages take the easy route. From the end-user perspective, -bin packages should be indistinguishable from source built ones.

BTW this is making me think we should rename -stable to -lts, since 1.6.2 is the current “stable” release, and 1.0.5 is the current “LTS” release.