How to do carnix rust build?

i can’t follow the nixpkgs manual to use carnix.

the carnix 0.10.0 has different command interface.

can someone offer the concrete step to build carnix?

At this point in time we should probably stop promoting carnix and recommend people to use crate2nix. The most important bit is probably that you can read documentation on that projects page and also contribute without having to jump through unstable hoops:

I used it for a few projects and so far it looks great. There are a bunch of issues but nothing we couldn’t fix in the near future.

As a bonus, I can actually understand the Nix expressions that are generated by crate2nix ;).

thanks, i can use nix build -f Cargo.nix to build now.

but how i can export the nix-closure without nix_path?:
nix-store --export $(nix-store -qR $nix_path)

add default.nix to resolve it

with import <nixpkgs-unstable> {} ;
let cargo_nix = callPackage ./Cargo.nix {};