How to enable 2nd Monitor on 2nd GPU

If I have 2 NVIDIA GPUs. And 2 monitors, first connected to the first GPU on DP-3 and second connected to the second GPU on DP-3.

On nvidia-settings it shows that there are 2 monitors. But the second monitor is “disabled”. The only way to enable it is to provide it with a second X screen.

On xrandr the second monitor doesn’t show at all.

I want to use 1 X screen for the 2 monitors. Not 2 X screens. Plus there doesn’t seem to be any easy xserver nixos configuration to allow this to work.

This is what the nvidia-settings show:

This is what xrandr shows:

Reading Multihead - ArchWiki didn’t seem to work.

NVIDIA settings only show that I can enable the second monitor by adding a second X screen. But the wiki says that means the screens are independent.

This seems to only work if I plug the second monitor into the first GPU.