How to exclude building specific package?

omg~ chromium build time has been over 7 hours.
How to exclude building specific package?
I have to go home. I can’t go home. I’m trapped in a build. Help me
Good day~ :slight_smile:


I’ll try.

I’m using chromium on my system and do not need to build it locally. It comes from the binary cache.

How do you install it?

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get chromium from binary cache? Is this the default setting?
is it a v8 problem?

Hmm… some application need my in my system that use qtwebengine.
And emoji fonts & svg lang… android mojo? relevant…

Surely both chromium and v8. I’m busy building need. and takes too long.

Like gentoo. Like “emerge world -pv” before the rebuild update.
If necessary for installing something… I’d can see the function to show if the dependency packages are necessary, that’s so I hope. could avoid it. It’s a newbie I don’t even know how in Nix world.


Also, which channel are you on? If it’s too new, e.g. the master branch of NixOS, or too old, e.g. something from an old ISO that’s not cached anymore, Nix will try to build it if it cannot get it cached (unlike say apt which will complain instead). If you are using nix-env -i to install, try nix-env -i --prebuilt-only. I don’t think there is such a flag for nixos-rebuild, part of the reason why not is because configuration files are also derivations which you are asking Nix to build, and those won’t be built on a binary cache.

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That’s right.
Nix, too. At the binary cache.
Nix Pills Linux people all over the world. I don’t think it’s possible to send it at once.

–prebuilt-only thank you.

The way I can…
The use of chromium somehow… I’m going to take them all out.

Now, like Gentoo
I’ll have to come up with a way to stack them one by one.

I have a hard time to understand what you try to say…

But I “install” chromium from nixos-unstable via home-manager, it boils down to home.packages = [ pkgs.chromium ]; for hosts that enable the browsing profile.

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I Found iT!

security.chromiumSuidSandbox.enable = true; ← It is need chromium -_-; I don’t know it.

I love Google & NixOS :slight_smile: and You~
sorry -_-; no good my english.

Later on, update of the NixOS versions. on the list I wish to have an exiting filter
Anyway beautiful night~* Thanks

Do you need a sandboxed chromium, or is a regular “good enough”?

Anyway, I’ve enabled that configuration on my systems configuration.nix and it does not cause a rebuild of chrome.

There seems to be something else in your setup that causes the local build.

Can you share your setup?

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Most notably the channels you are using are important to know in order to debug this.


how Personal information Encryption? & don’t know how to exclude private data.
Could not release configuration.nix file. Sorry

That’s okay and understandable. Can you then please tell the URL of the channel you are using?

Also please tell us if you have overlays enabled and which overlays these are if publicly available. If though they are private, please tell at least which packages they provide.

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Sorry, I’m not sure how this answers any of the open questions from the thread…

Noone asked for a pull request.

Wexare just asking what the URL of the channel you use is. And if you have any overlays, and if yes, which packages are provided by them.

From a quick glance I don’t see anything suspicious, though if for some reason MOZPKGS bubbles into the wrong places of the environment, then I wouldn’t wonder if it causes some rebuilds from source, as it does something to GCC and CLANG from a quick glance…

Also I’m not sure why you import those modules from local disk, rather than from your channel… Did you change them? Using imports = [ <nixos/nixos/modules/installer/scan/detected.nix> ]; might be a bit more idiomatic if you want them unchanged. If you changed those though, Those changes might be relevant to your problem.

Though in general, with all distributions I have worked so far, hardened systems require a lot more source builds than unhardened ones…

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I don’t know what you’re talking about. Still.
Thank you. very much
But I understood this one thing. I did something stupid.
so What I understand is
fix below

imports =


It’s not necessarily stupid, you might have had your reasons, that’s why I asked if you did that because you changed something or for other reasons.

If you disable the Mozilla overlay and also comment out packages installed from there, does chromium still recompile?

If that’s still recompiles then, you’ll really need to bisect your configuration.