How to get l10n and dictionaries for KDE (and LibreOffice)

I am trying to get spellchecking and dictionaries/thesaurus to work in KDE (and LibreOffice).

The best I could come up so far is:

  # Localisation and console
  i18n =
    { consoleFont = "Lat2-Terminus16";
      consoleKeyMap = "neo";
      defaultLocale = "sl_SI.UTF-8";
  time.timeZone = "Europe/Ljubljana";
  fonts.enableDefaultFonts = true;

… which does help with the locale settings, but spell-checking and dictionaries in KDE seem to be missing.

The same holds true for LibreOffice.

Oddly enough, spellchecking seems to work fine in Firefox though.

P.S. Happy to move this to HowTo, if it fits better there (esp. after it’s answered)


… and that TODO note has been there untouched for 5 years now.

TODO is our secret code-word for “contributions welcome” :wink:


Dne četrtek, 30. avgust 2018 ob 21:16:58 CEST ste napisali:

TODO is our secret code-word for “contributions welcome” :wink:

Oh, I know :wink:

But “How do I …” is also our secret code for “I need help with this” :smiley:


I suppose @7c6f434c doesn’t recall anything helpful around that?

You are right; that TODO seems to predate even my having where to build a LibreOffice update; and it takes so long and I have so little clue that I never tried to experiment with dictionaries.

How about KDE then? What is missing regarding dictionaries etc. there?

This seems somewhat related to: