How to get preview depend package tree without building?

I’m having trouble with webkitgtk depending somewhere in wsl nixos.
Is there a way to list packages that depend on webkitgtk like gentoolkit equery…
I don’t know how to do that in a nix environment.
I want to precheck the entire installation process/dependency tree in flake nix build.


Use nix path-info --derivation | grep webkit to get the drvs path of WebKit.

Then use nix why-depends --derivation ... Webkitpath to see how it actually depends.

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sudo nixos-rebuild switch --flake ~/nix-conf\#hostname --impure --show

I don’t know how to find and weed it out from the whole global config.

I can understand how to compare and find nixpkgs with the why-depends you gave me. but, I want to avoid webkitgtk build by extracting dependencies from global nix-config based on flake.nix file.

It’s wsl nixos, but I can’t update the system cause wekitgtk & ram 16gb?.