How to give version attribute to trivial builder?

I’m using runCommandNoCC to package a trivial shell package. But what is the correct way to add version and pname or even meta to such a trivial package?

For such a trivial package, should there even be a version attribute at all? What’s the need for this anyway?


  runCommand' = runLocal: stdenv: name: env: buildCommand:
    stdenv.mkDerivation ({
      inherit name buildCommand;
      passAsFile = [ "buildCommand" ];
    // (lib.optionalAttrs runLocal {
          preferLocalBuild = true;
          allowSubstitutes = false;
    // env);
  runCommandNoCC = runCommand' false stdenvNoCC;

It’s just a curried function with 2 out of the 5 arguments applied. Just need to pass it a name, an attr set which can override other attrs, and the actual build command. So you would do something like:

  pname =  "script";
  version = "1.0.2";
myscript = runCommandNoCC "${pname}-${version}" {
  inherit pname version;
  meta = {
    description = ... ;
    platforms = ... ;
  }; }
    actual build commands

not sure if the parenthesis are necessary.

EDIT: they are not necessary

Cool that makes sense.