How to handle local fonts?

An example will be much simpler, but I’m trying to understand in a more general way too.

I wanted to customize my Emacs fonts, added the config declaration in my config file and declared it in my configuration.nix with the option fonts.fonts.
But it doesn’t work.

Had a look on the gnu website to add fonts to Emacs[1] and it’s said to store the fonts in /usr/local/share/emacs/fonts then add the path to X with xset

  1. How do I do that? I have several instances of /emacs/fonts in my Nix store, like applications/editors, system-path or different emacs versions packages
  2. Do I want to do that? I read Nixos wiki on fonts[2] and it’s indicated that the path to fonts is set to ~/.local/share/fonts. Wouldn’t that be only if I install them imperatively? How to have a local font directory and pass it to applications in a proper Nixos way?

[2] Fonts - NixOS Wiki

EDIT: I only use configuration.nix at the moment, I plan to move to home-manager and/or flakes in the near future but its not done