How to ignore specific kernel versions when building kernel modules?


I am trying to package an out-of-tree kernel module. (see PR: I am facing build issues with specific kernels, when I run the command nix run nixpkgs.nixpkgs-review -c nixpkgs-review pr 108348`:

error: build of '/nix/store/pja76ngbnlcn3a2jvy01aqnw8brgasmz-env.drv' failed
3 packages failed to build:
linuxPackages-libre.hid-nintendo linuxPackages_4_4.hid-nintendo linuxPackages_4_9.hid-nintendo

15 packages built:
linuxPackages.hid-nintendo linuxPackages_4_14.hid-nintendo linuxPackages_4_19.hid-nintendo linuxPackages_5_10.hid-nintendo linuxPackages_5_9.hid-nintendo linuxPackages_hardened.hid-nintendo linuxPackages_latest-libre.hid-nintendo linuxPackages_latest_hardened.hid-nintendo linuxPackages_latest_xen_dom0.hid-nintendo linuxPackages_latest_xen_dom0_hardened.hid-nintendo linuxPackages_lqx.hid-nintendo linuxPackages_testing_bcachefs.hid-nintendo linuxPackages_xen_dom0.hid-nintendo linuxPackages_xen_dom0_hardened.hid-nintendo linuxPackages_zen.hid-nintendo

A reviewer suggested I “blacklist the failing kernels”, which I interpreted as marking them under the broken atttribute:

stdenv.mkDerivation {
  meta = {
    broken = builtins.elem kernel.version ["libre" "4.4" "4.9"];

However when I re-run the command, I still see the build failures on my local machine. Is there something I’m missing?

Side note: also, I am not sure if the syntax is even right (e.g. “libre”, “4.4”, “4.9”). How would I go about printing out the value of kernel.version for debugging?