How to install 64-bit wine *and* winetricks?

Searching for this online only gives pull requests and random snippets, none of which seem to produce a system where I can run winetricks vcrun2010, wine msiexec /i ./EpicInstaller-*.msi /q and the like successfully. The basic wine and winetricks packages are broken and don’t seem to support 64-bit at all. I also tried (winetricks.override { wine = wineWowPackages.staging; }) and wineWowPackages.staging without really knowing what “staging” means in the NixOS/Wine universe, and without having ever heard of “winewow”, which only seems to be a nixpkgs concept.


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I also found this baffling, and this was a top search engine hit. Some insight here:

Ok, seems like winePackages.full is broken on 20.03. I got both wine & winetricks working with this overlay:

self: super: {
  wine = super.winePackages.stable;

edit: this also works with 64bit, just specify wine = super.wineWowPackages.stable; instead. Also, wineWow is not just a nixpkgs concept:

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