How to install KDE-Kontact on NixOS Unstable

Hello Everyone,

I am new to Nix and NixOS and I love it so far (Thanks to all who make it possible!). I am on NixOS Unstable with Plasma 5.24.4 and I am trying to install Kontakt. However, I am not able to find it using nix search:

[User@Nixos-Machine:~]$ nix search nixpkgs kontakt
error: no results for the given search term(s)!

Does Kontakt have another name or is it not yet packaged for NixOS? Any ideas on how to install it or any tips on packaging it is also appreciated, as I would like to help.


nix-env -iA nixos. libsForQt5.kontact

If you were referring to kontakt 6, then no. No one has packaged that very expensive proprietary software.

Assuming that they distribute a pre-compiled binary, you can probably do steam-run ./binary and have it run

Thank you. I somehow was searching for the wrong package all the time. Using Kontact I was able to find it easily. Thanks

Thank you for your quick reply. I made a mistake. I meant KDE Kontact.