How to make a new haskell package available in Nix?

I’m quite new both to Haskell and Nix.
I’ve just uploaded a new package to hackage. Is there anything else that I need to do in order to make it available in nix as well?

hackage is semi-automatically updated. If you’re package is on hackage, it will eventually be in nixpkgs.

Hi @jonringer. Thanks for the response. For my information: does “eventually” mean “hours”, “days”, or rather “weeks” in this context? Or maybe “hard to tell”? :slight_smile:

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@peti does the update once a week. So, depends on the timing, but up to a week.

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I livestream the effort, which takes place every Friday at 20:00 UTC+1 at

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Great, thanks for the information!

@peti How did the update go yesterday? I couldn’t stay 'till the end.