How to patch files downloaded by vim plugins

I’m trying to use vimspector (pkgs.vimPlugins.vimspector) in neovim through home-manager. It’s downloading some dependencies at runtime but then fails to link to Other libraries are already patched (or at least are listed by ldd)

I’ve been failing to write an override in my home-manager config and home-manager doesn’t seem to respect overrides in my configuration.nix.

How can I fix this? And even better, how can I programatically fix this so it’s not broken by some update later?

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Those files should be downloaded at build time and fixed there

EDIT: I needed lttng-ust_2_12

As I said above, I couldn’t get home-manager to respect overrides at all, but I gave up on that and am now just calling new package instead.

However, I still can’t get that to work.


It’s failing to find, but the lltng-ust package is absolutely in there.

(Also samething with libz which I presumed was zlib, but that didn’t work, so I went back to what I’d done for other packages and just started by copying Opera’s dependency list and then go back to try and cut it down afterwards)

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Sounds like you need something like used in those results Hound

It should be possible to override vim plugins like any other maybe could help. Also vimspector is a plugin with a bigenough audience that it would be nice to have it fixed in nixpkgs. This would make discussing the technical details easier too. Put oyur overrides at pkgs/applications/editors/vim/plugins/overrides.nix