How to run dovecot "deliver"?


I’m using NixOS 22.05 and installed the dovecot2 module and the getmail6 package to fetch mail from an old POP3 account.

On my debian system, I could just run /usr/lib/dovecot/deliver to run the dovecot LDA from my user’s getmailrc.

But on NixOS, I have to write
/nix/store/5w8v83gxy70z5ayhy4xp84xhn4p9i3c7-dovecot- - which will obviously break when dovecot is updated.

deliver and the whole libexec directory is also not copied to /run/current-system/sw/... If I do find / -name deliver, the nix store is really the only location where it’s available.

Is the libexec-copying part just missing from the dovecot package? Should I file a bug?

I’m tempted to add an activationScript that links deliver to some fixed location when running nixos-rebuild.

But I suspect, there’s an official way.

So in theory scripts in libexec are not supposed to be in the path. I give more details and solutions here Openss and sftp-server in PATH