How to say thank you to nix developers

So I have been using nix fully for about a year now and often I find a module or package that has already been prepackaged and magically works. For example today I really needed openconnect > 8.x.x and the msqlodbc drivers on nixos This has saved me hours and not having to use a VM. So naturally I am thankful.

I’ve really wanted a place to thank the specific nix developers for their work and tell them the impact a specific contribution had for me. I know that this channel has discussed “gamification” of being involved in PRs. I think that having a place to thank others is equally beneficial and may help encourage the people that I see working so hard on nixpkgs already – where gamification may not be as helpful for these developers.


I absolutely love this idea :fireworks:

I typically give people lots of praise and thanks regularly (worldofpraise).
I think having a place where we can all share in our acknowledgment of each other
openly without it seeming excessive is something that we should cultivate.
It’s a healthy environment.

Perhaps a “Share your gratitude” section to
“Share how the contributions and collaborators within our nix community have affected you and give them a heartfelt thanks.”

Might look silly but I like the github emoticons +1 / heart. If there is a way to fetch these from github API, it could show the number of hearts for a specific developer.
You can also give karma on IRC via sending the message <nick>++, e.g. worldofpeace++ .
what could be nice is to add a reason for the karma afterwards and list them later on.
Not sthg I would like to spend time on though xD

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