How to set up wayvnc headless ? in hyprland nixos

For wayland hyprland, has anyone had success with wayvnc?

I sway was successful. sway~.

However, like not x11vnc,
so no comfortable.
I have succeeded in installing sway vnc (wayvnc) as a headless mode, not a synchronized screen at the same time as remote and local.

wayland It’s so pretty, but I’m a little tough about setting too many environment variables… As the number of users increases, this problem will gradually improve due to the nature of nixos…

do just want to dynamic-switching the computer directly locally change headless without build.
problem this~ (export WLR_BACKENDS=headless) is an environment variable. so anyway now, I wish there was at least wayvnc-headless that could be set dynamically. (vnc on-off)
anyway know that whether there’s no way to change vnc dynamically.

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