How to specify if a (new) license is free?

I have come across some fonts and other data distributed by the government of the Republic of China (the government in Taiwan) under the Open Government Data License, and I wonder if it is considered a “free” license in nixpkgs.

The License is compatible with the Creative Commons Attribution License 4.0 International. This means that when the Open Data is provided under the License, User automatically satisfies the conditions of this License when he/she makes use of the Open Data in compliance with the Creative Commons Attribution License 4.0 International thereafter.

The license granted users to

  • reproduce, distribute, publicly transmit, publicly broadcast, publicly recite, publicly present, publicly perform, compile, adapt to the Open Data provided for any purpose, including but not limited to making all kinds of Derivative Works either as products or services.
  • sublicense the copyrights which he/she is granted through 2.1. to others.

In addition, “Any additional written offer or other formality for copyright license from the Data Providing Organization is not required, if User makes use of Open Data in compliance with the License.”

The obligations and limitations listed are mainly

  • To make an explicit notice of statement as attribution requested in the Exhibit below by the Data Providing Organization.
  • The License does not grant any rights in the patents and trademarks.

Here is the content of the license written in both Chinese and English:

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Hi, you need to specify the actual license name (or a given name ) in meta when packaging it and if you believe in good faith that this is “free” (then no need to do anything else I think). If not, then mark as unfree in meta.


You have to add it to lib/licenses.nix inside nixpkgs repo. (in addition to my previous post)