How to symlink sudo to doas

I am running Nixos 22.05 and replaced sudo with doas like this:

  security.doas.enable = true;
  security.doas.extraRules = [{
    groups = [ "wheel" ];
    persist = true;
    keepEnv = true;
  security.sudo.enable = false;
  security.sudo.execWheelOnly = true;

This is working fine, except for Doom Emacs which calls sudo for TRAMP connections. I didn’t find a doas alternative in Doom Emacs.

How can i symlink sudo to doas in Nixos to remedy that?

This wouldn’t gain you anything, as doas doesn’t support the -e flag as far as I know, though that is used by “TRAMP” afair.

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If the lack of the -e flag wasn’t a problem, however, I would use a wrapper script rather than a symlink, since it gets around the complications of security wrappers:

environment.systemPackages = [
  (pkgs.writeScriptBin "sudo" ''exec doas "$@"'')

Your wrapper works. However, TRAMP shows an error because doas can’t handle the flag passed to it by TRAMP (it refered to an option H, if i remember correctly).

Thank you anyway - i now know, how to wrap something in the future!

Didn’t test but doing it like this would be less sketchy

security.sudo.enable = false;
security.doas.enable = true;