How to use a derivation located in nixpkgs/pkgs/development?

I want to use nix to install elixir-ls, and I found the derivation here.

The problem is I have no idea how can I get this derivation. I have searched in different channels from the official channel index like unstable and 21.05, but I cannot find this derivation.

Where can I locate this derivation and use it?

It is in beamPackages.elixir_ls.

Sorry but how can I get beamPackages? Do I need to enable some parameters for it to appear in nix search?

beamPackages should exist. I use it since I am using nix, which I started end of 2019.

Though it seems that this set isn’t searchable.

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Oh right it is actually installable with pkg.beamPackages.elixir-ls, just that I cannot search it. Thanks!

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