How to use ckb-next on NixOS

First time using nixos here.

I have a corsair keyboard and I would like to use ckb-next to enable the backlight on it.
Already installed it. Im asked to enable using systemctl, but get the error “Failed to start ckb-next-daemon.service: Unit ckb-next-daemon.service not found.”

How can I solve it?

You’ll need to enable the service in your configuration.nix.
something like hardware.ckb-next.enable = true; should be enough.

FWIW almost any program which needs more than “just start the program” you will have to enable something. Sometimes even because a dependency needs something enabled (which can be quite unintuitive, because another OS would just install the whole other service. But adding a package to systemPackages or nix-env -iA won’t do that. It’s more finegrained in NixOS).
That’s why I usually search on for the thing under options first and only afterwards check if a package is available for it :slight_smile: