How to use only the Nvidia card on a notebook?

I have the following two configs:

Currently the Intel card is the primary and I can use nvidia-offload to use the Nvidia card.
I recently switched to Gnome and plan to use the notebook a bit less on the go so I thought it would be nice to use the additional power all the time.

However all attempts so far lead to a black screen, after login IIRC.
Does someone know of a working config where the Nvidia card is the primary?

Unless the Nvidia GPU can be connected to the notebook’s LCD (check the bios), only the Intel GPU can be the primary.

Another option is to set the same variables that nvidia-offload sets, but do so globally.

Ah the second option might be an idea.

Back on Ubuntu I was able to switch between the graphic cards in the Nvidia settings.

While the global env variables worked, a lot of applications just showed black windows afterwards.
For the moment I continue to toggle it for selected applications.

Yes, I’ve had that same issue.

I use a Nix function which implements nvidia-offload so that I can declare which applications should use the Nvidia GPU. Here’s an example: erosanix/pkgs/sable at master · emmanuelrosa/erosanix · GitHub

Looks interesting, that be used for Gnome Shell as well?
At the moment I’m using switcheroo and its extension.

I don’t know.

I’ve never used either.